Ugly Ducklings….First Blog Ever

I have bad plane karma.  It is a fact.  Riki says if I bring it up, it only jinxes it, but really its better if I’m prepared for the worst because when its only half bad, that’s better than usual.  I bring this up in my first blog ever as I assume there will be some additional ranting in the next few months as we continue across the globe.  So be prepared.

We made it to Zurich late Thursday night after some bad and somewhat bad plane karma.  Riki’s flight to DC was cancelled and he arrived on the next available flight, 14 hours later.  We had a pretty uneventful flight to Istanbul, where we spent 3 hours, mostly trying to see if the Hagia Sophia was visible from the airport.  We’re pretty sure it’s not, in case you are wondering.  I highly recommend Turkish Airlines.  They were very courteous and the meals we had were good for airplane food.  They have lots of entertainment available on individual screens and still give out little travel kits of socks, eye masks, toothbrushes and ear plugs.  The somewhat bad plane karma came into play on our flight from Istanbul to Zurich.  Our assigned seats were the row between an infant in front and two small brothers behind.  I never get to sit next to anyone good.  There is always a screaming child or a person too large or too smelly to be sitting that close to me.  In this case it was screaming kids.  The infant wasn’t even that bad.  She quieted down after take-off.  The two monsters behind us however were a different story.  Between the incessant seat kicking and hysterical crying/screaming/laughing, it was a long 3 hours.

But we made it and spent the next two days wandering around Zurich, which is where the ugly ducklings made their appearance.


We visited with much of Riki’s family here in Zurich, including some growing cousins and his sister, who is conveniently in Geneva for a few weeks.

Tomorrow we go to Spain to see my Spaniards in Oviedo and then to Barcelona for the weekend.