Bridges, Boats & Bikes….Stockholm

This is my first post using entirely the Ipad, so please excuse the formatting, as I don’t have as much control over the layout.


Our first night – The Old Town

Riki is going to get a hair cut once we get to Asia, so let’s call this a before shot.


Stockholm is a very cool place.  The last time I was in Sweden was for New Years and it was not the same (so much more light in the summer). The sun has been out every day and the sky has been almost completely clear.  The temperature is a bit baffling though.  You can go from sweating in the sun to needing a scarf in a matter of seconds, just by stepping into the shade.  Riki’s cousin, Calle took us out our first day and we walked all over Stockholm, which is not too tough.  It’s not a huge city and it’s very walkable for being made up of a bunch of islands.  It appears to be even easier to bike, which we haven’t done, but plenty of other people are.


View from Sodermalm


Ferry Trip to Vaxholm

We took a ferry about an hour out into the archipelago to a small town called Vaxholm.  While there wasn’t much to do there, the boat trip was well worth it, especially the slower, cheaper ferry we took back.  They pass gorgeous little islands covered in trees and dotted in bright houses.


A giraffe crane to rival the one in Zurich.


(Riki is trying out a new feature – tilt frame – which makes everything look miniature)



This was the view from our picnic spot in Vaxholm, where we ate meat and bread, no cheese.  And apples – they have a lot of those here.

After our boat trip, we met up with all of Riki’s cousins (and plus ones) and aunt for dinner.  We visited our second buffet (?) style restaurant, which doesn’t really do it justice.  I’m not sure what to call them, but you order at a counter and they cook the food to order and it’s much better than a buffet.  Later we met up with an old friend of Riki’s and saw some of Stockholm’s nightlife, which was much more happening than Zurich’s.

Friday, Riki’s aunt took us to the oldest outdoor museum, called Skansen, which happens to be on the same island where she lives.  It has a bunch of old Swedish buildings that were dismantled and reconstructed here.  They also have things for kids (or big kids).


One of the reconstructed buildings was a machine shop, where they had a single engine running many belts that could power multiple tools at once.  My dad would have been proud, we spent a few minutes trying to figure out how it worked.


They also had a zoo there, with Scandinavian animals, which include reindeer. But not Rudolph, he is from Finland I learned.


And we met Riki’s aunt’s dog, King, who looks way more vicious than he is.


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