Beach Rabbits & Beach Goats…….Båstad, Sweden

A quick flight from Stockholm, Båstad is located on the southwestern coast. Upon our arrival, our friend Ulrika took us directly to the polling center to see if Riki could vote here. Turns out that he can and he did. It is a big election for Sweden. The current party has been in power for 8 years and many people are worried that they will lose this time (this is tricky to write as we are sitting in Riki’s grandmother’s house awaiting the results, but I will probably not finish this post til after the election). Check back for the results.

I have been to Båstad before, but it was in the winter. It is a very cute town that hosts a very popular annual tennis tournament. Other times of the year, it is quieter and consists of small streets and a small beach and harbor. And the beach has rabbits! (Not pictured as they caught us off guard and disappeared by the time we got the camera out, but they were there, I swear). There are many little shops, a church that is getting a new roof, a hotel and a couple of restaurants.

So it’s the middle of September and it’s pretty chilly, but that does not stop people from getting in the water. We sat on the beach this afternoon and timed the length of time each person was in the water. One and a half minutes max. Then they got out and immediately changed into dry clothes. We saw our fair share of naked old people today.

(don’t worry – that’s not a video of them, just the British queen, and she’s not naked)

The incumbents did not win and it doesn’t seem like many people are thrilled, including the winning party? At least that’s what I’ve gathered.  We spent the day with Ulrika and Nick wandering the coastline.


Not only are there beach rabbits, but beach goats. Easier to capture than the rabbits.




Note my my amazing rock tower – among many.



Nick, Ulrika, Julie, Riki

image image

It was pretty windy.


Torekov harbor


An abandoned quarry.

image image

We had dinner at Riki’s grandmother’s new place this evening.  It’s a very cute house with a courtyard entry, so close to the center of the town, but still very private.  Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes and lingonberry sauce.  Very Swedish and Very good.

Tomorrow we will take a ferry across to Denmark.

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