Bags are packed…..A list

It has been interesting getting ready for this trip.  We’ve read a gazillion backpacker’s blogs about what to bring, see and do.  Ultimately, we won’t be prepared for everything, but we should have the bases covered for the big stuff (as far as we know).  From our research we’ve decided less is more.  We don’t want to be hassled with heavy suitcases getting on trains and buses.  Oddly enough, my parents had extra backpacks we could use (not so odd if you have seen their garage).  One is my mom’s from the 80’s or earlier (fact check Dad?) and the other is a backpack they acquired on a previous trip to Asia.  That saved us hundreds.  We did look at buying new bags before we knew about their extra ones, but they were a couple hundred dollars each.  So thank you M&D.

Scroll down for pictures if you are already tired of text.

If you know Riki (see previous post with similar title for more on Riki), you know he takes pictures, lots of them.  So along with our big backpacks, he has a smaller day pack mainly for camera equipment.  I am also bringing a camera, but it is wallet size and water/shock proof.  Besides that, I have a day pack that folds up very small and a medium sized purse.  Everything has to fit in those bags for the next few months.

So this is a list of what we’ll be wearing.  And anything we acquire along the way, which since we have just added Nepal to our itinerary, we will be adding some warmer clothes when we get there.

 Pretty much everything is moisture-wick, fast dry, or something of that nature.  No cotton, as it is slow to dry and generally heavier.  We did most of our shopping at Academy Sports, REI, Columbia Outlet and the Eddie Bauer Outlet.  Ironically, a lot of the things we bought were made in Southeast Asia.

Julie’s Packing List (top to bottom, left to right):


3 pairs of pants – (Capris, pants that roll up to capris, regular pants)

Sleeveless orange dress

Long sleeve cardigan

Blue shorts

Thin black tights

Coccoon Sleep sheet

Travel Towel

Inifinity scarf

4 shirts (will probably add a tank top or two for layering)

Long sleeve Omni Shade Columbia shirt

REI Raincoat

Light fleece jacket

Not pictured:

Hiking shoes

Flip flops

Silver Sperry flats

4 pairs of athletic socks

4 pairs of Exofficio travel underwear

Bathing Suit

Various toiletries & travel paraphernalia


All snug in their dry bags

Riki’s list (left to right, top to bottom):


Black Columbia fleece

4 pairs Exofficio travel underwear


6 pairs of athletic socks

Bright blue athletic tights for layering

3 T-shirts

1 Fitbay shirt (check out – a friend’s new start up)

1 thin long sleeve shirt

2 pairs of pants

Regular shorts

Amphibious shorts

Mess shorts

1 heavier long sleeve shirt

1 “Safari” button down

Not pictured:

Marmot raincoat

Adidas athletic shoes

Flip flops (because they haven’t been purchased yet)

Various toiletries


Note our New Orleans flags.

Bag Weight: J- 11 kg (24.25 lbs)  R- 11.5 kg (25.35 lbs)

Don’t be fooled, my bag may look smaller, but it weighs about the same.

We also have a plethora of random items that may be useful, or not, including:

Sharpie, duct tape, playing cards, small flashlight, thin rope, rubber bands, tons of Ziplocs, paperclips, safety pins, scissors, etc, etc

Larger items we are also bringing include:

Camelback AllClear Water purifier, raincovers for our big backpacks, notebooks for drawing, travel alarm clock (if we can find one before we leave), eye masks and a small power strip/converter with USB and plugs

Oh, and sunscreen, don’t forget the sunscreen.

One thought on “Bags are packed…..A list”

  1. Way to pack! Now that you’ve joined the travel light club you’ll
    Never turn back. Damn we have those sleep sacks ,we could have sent you off with ours barely used


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