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Better Late than Never….Laos thoughts by Riki

(Photo slideshow at the bottom)

First beer in Laos – Little boy across the street just drops trow and pees on the street facing us (perfectly good fence behind him to pee on) – same age as the kids driving the scooters here.

Julie – first couple of hours in Lao – “I really like the feel of this place”

My thought @ our first dinner – this girl is 10 and is serving everbody at the restaurant (quicker than anybody ever did in Nepal), also her little sister is the one bringing the beer out to everybody (the bottles are about a third of her size and she is wearing a Cinderella tshirt)… no child labor laws?

Luang Prabang – gorgeous french colonial architecture, loads of tourists (a lot of families), cool hostel, delicious soup that get spicier each night you visit, and the most amazing waterfalls I have ever seen!

Sooo many nice Lao people everywhere!

Vang Vieng:

The roosters are extremely loud and annoying here, but they are also some of the most beautiful I have ever seen

There was a lizard, about the size of a late 90’s cell phone, behind our door in Vang Vieng, and when I tried to move the door to take a picture, he barked at me…. We would later hear him barking at other people throughout the hostel

“Friends” (the old tv show) is on all the time at almost every restaurant/bar here… its really odd

The tubing here is also odd (compared to S. Louisiana tubing of course), as soon as you get in, you get out to go to a bar where you get bracelets with every drink and the bartender takes free shots with you, everybody proceeds to get plastered (there was a dancing musical tubes and I learned so many sweeet moves from this one guy with a rat tail…), and I’m pretty sure our group was the only one that finished the whole route to the town (there are three or four or five bars along the river that you get off at – apparently the gov’t cracked down because there used to be 20)

Actually met a couple of those people that said “came for 4 days, ended up staying a year” now they work at bars helping drunk tourists get drunker


Everybody has a new, fancy, white SUVs/trucks…. No old cars in town, maybe a couple of sedans, but all white and new

They have sidewalks here!! That you can use (that aren’t motorcycle parking lots)!!!

Vientiene is quite a fancy city, at least the central distrcit, and especially compared to the rest of Laos

I am now ok with putting Ice in my beer… because they bring you a big tub of it when they bring you your beer and because its hot and because everybody does it, please don’t judge me if I do this forever (with certain beer and at certain temperatures of course)

Surprisingly expenive (compared to surrounding places we have been) – one Italian we met said that it cost him just as much to live there as it did in italy… but they still had cheap beer

The sandwiches here are great (and at the beginning of our travels we were apprehensive to eat sandwiches because we heard you don’t want to eat the lettuce inside them, but we were totally ok)

Every tourist here is travelling the same route, so we have seen many of the same people we have befriended here on multiple occasions in multiple cities/towns

We saw star fruit… on a tree! (we were pretty excited because we had never seen that before, and never thought about where the fruit might come from…. The stars?)

The bus companies and tuktuks are all in on a scam together, in every town or city! The bus will always drop you off well outside the city (even though there may be a bus station in the center) where everybody is forced to get off and you have to hire one of the tuktuk drivers to get you in town (who are of course friends with the bus drivers). We would just start walking towards the street and they usually dropped their price in half, but still….

I’m pretty sure the Beer Lao company is also in charge of all the storefront signs in this country, b/c everyplace has their name with the beerlao logo right next to it, even if they don’t obviously sell the beer

On Julie’s bday we went bowling – and besides eating seaweed flavored chips and putting ice in my beer – we bowled like the Lao do… which involves all the regular bowling techniques, except you hold on to the ball longer, throw it real high, and I guess try to make it bounce a couple of times before it hits the pins…

Julie is a happy camper when she gets banana pancakes!

Malaria medication sucks (for the side effects…)

Hands down the worst chopsticks in Asia! They are always splintering and falling apart, no matter where you are eating

The animals in Laos don’t particularly like white people (or maybe just us)… we had a couple of experiences… But the people were amazing and the kids super cute! They would always try to outdo one another when saying Sabaidee(hello) to us.


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